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Dear prospective Parents/ Guardians, am pleased that you are considering to admit your ward at M SQUIRE Public School as one of your choice school, I understand that this is an important and exciting time in your life. I can, however, speak with confidence and great enthusiasm about M SQUIRE. Of all the Pithoragarh's great educational schools this is the one where school education and school life occupies a center stage. I assure you there is no risk to admit your ward at M SQUIRE. Our students have  no compulsion of home work. I also assure you that there is no necessity to go to tuition or coaching classes now.

Best wishes,

Mr. Mahesh Singh Bisht


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In M Squire Public School Pithoragarh, we provide well educated and experienced teachers, quality education, best educational environment for your wards. We focus in creativity, sports, computer education etc.


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